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Safaricom users have up to April 15 to update their SIM Card details to avoid disconnection.

Former Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi has threatened to take legal action against Safaricom PLC over SIM Card registration.

In a tweet on Friday, Havi stated that he will take the legal action should the telecommunications company disconnect his line.

He questioned the requirements by Safaricom for the process of SIM card registration.

“Dear @SafaricomPLC, I acknowledge your text to update my SIM Card registration to avoid disconnection. I understand the cost of update is Kshs 300.

“You have my ID Card with which the SIM Card was registered. I will take legal action against you, should my line be disconnected,” Havi tweeted.

{Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa. Image: Courtesy}

His tweet came barely hours after Kenya's Ambassador to the United Kingdom Manoah Espisu put Safaricom on the spot over the process.

Mr. Espisu asked the telecommunications giant to post the exact communique from the Communications Authority of Kenya to make their appeal simple and clear.

"Please post here the exact instructions from CA so we are sure you are not being overzealous about a very simple thing," Espisu replied to Safaricom’s tweet requiring its customers to update SIM details to avoid disconnection.

A number of Safaricom users have been raising concerns on why the company needs the details yet they provided them when securing the SIM cards.

Long queues have been experienced at Safaricom outlets as the April 15 deadline inches closer.