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The senator was blasted for calling out President Uhuru Kenyatta in his remarks.

Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruiyot has been blasted by a section of netizens after he called out President Uhuru Kenyatta over the current fuel crisis.

In a tweet on Wednesday, April 13, the lawmaker asked about the whereabouts of the Head of State as Kenyans grappled with the fuel shortage.

Cheruiyot said that the fuel shortage was now a full-blown crisis and that the President had promised to take charge but was nowhere to be seen.

"Has anybody seen Pres Uhuru Kenyatta? Can he please stand up and take charge...Didn't he tell us a few months ago that he is fully in charge.

"N his Project Raila who met the OMC's, did they agree to further persecute us ama? This fuel issue is now a full blown crisis," the senator stated.

However, his remarks did not go down well with a section of Kenyans who castigated him for not doing his part as a lawmaker.

Below are a few reactions captured by Nairobileo.co.ke.

President Kenyatta on Monday, April 4, at State House, Nairobi signed into law five parliamentary bills, among them 2022 Supplementary I Appropriation Bill (Supplementary Budget).

A sum of Shs 34,446,813,295 from the Supplementary Budget had been allocated to the Government fuel stabilization programme aimed at cushioning Kenyans from high cost fuel prices occasioned by the worsening global energy crisis.

This move was likely to ease the oil shortage in the country, but even up to today, Kenyans are still grappling with fuel shortage.