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Kipkorir: Responsibility therefore for containing the spread & treatment of COVID-19 is personal responsibility. To blame GoK for its spread or treatment is FALSEHOOD & HYPOCRISY

Renowned Kenyan lawyer Donald Kipkorir has opened up on his battle with Covid-19 and his current status after being in hospitalized for over a week.

In a Facebook post, Donald noted that he tested positive but did not have any symptoms, adding that the people he interacted with tested negative.

Regarding the treatment, the flamboyant lawyer divulged that his lungs had been compromised, forcing doctors to put him on oxygen and lots of medication.

His condition is much better now and he’s set to be discharged for further treatment in his home.

The lawyer has appealed to Kenyans to take personal responsibility, adding that treating the disease is an expensive affair as insurance companies do not cover the expenses.

To those who wish to contact the lawyer, he says you should only text or WhatsApp since his lungs are yet to recover and he does not want to talk much.

Here is his full statement:

In the afternoon of November 2, I experienced cold chill in my body. It is as though I was atop the Swiss Alps in December. I took very hot shower, wore two t-shirts, sweater & two track-bottoms & two duvets. I broke no sweat.

As I have never been admitted even once in Hospital all my life, I assumed this “winter chill” will go. But It didn’t. On Friday, I decided to visit my Doctors at Aga Khan University Hospital. They did all tests on my blood & urine and found I was as fit as a fiddle. It is when they decided to test for COVID-19.

I didn’t & I don’t have the classic COVID-19 symptoms. I tested positive. I have no fever. I don’t cough. I don’t sneeze.

By the time I tested Positive, my lungs had been compromised. The Doctors had to work to help my lungs recover, my oxygen levels increased & to have my body fight the viral attack. I have been on cocktails of medicine & oxygen since but now well to be discharged to recuperate at home.

Whilst admitted here at Aga Khan University Hospital, I got to learn about COVID-19, not much but a little. First, there is so much Science doesn’t know with certainty how COVID-19 is spread & when it stops being contagious. Since my infection but before knowing I was positive, interacted with close friends in the office, restaurants and home ....all have tested negative. I don’t know where and how I was infected. But I didn’t infect anyone I know that I came in contact with.

For COVID-19, all the latest Science shows that on its Cause, Testing, Treatment & Contagion, there unknown unknowns, known knowns, known unknowns and known knowns. But everything is still up in the air.

And insurance doesn’t cover COVID-19 medical bills. And no Government anywhere can shoulder it. Responsibility therefore for containing the spread & treatment of COVID-19 is personal responsibility. To blame GoK for its spread or treatment is FALSEHOOD & HYPOCRISY.

For now, as I leave for home to recuperate, i plead with my friends to chat with me by text & Whatsapp only to allow my lungs heal. I want to limit my speaking. And thanks to all my family’s and friends locally and abroad for all prayers and well wishes. I will get back to all.

God Bless.