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  • He tested positive after exhibiting symptoms on Friday.
  • The former comedian is currently residing in the United States. 

Kenyan comedian David Kangogo, famously known as David The Student, has tested positive for Covid-19.

The positive diagnosis comes just days after the comedian encountered a racist couple in the United States, where he resides.

According to a post on Facebook, the comedian stated that he began feeling unwell and exhibited the symptoms associated with the virus on Friday before going for a test, which turned positive.

“I got diagnosed with Covid-19. Now I am quarantined, and I trust and believe I’ll get through this. Thank you all for the support I’ve been receiving. Thank you! Please stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, and social distance,” he said. 

Last week, Kangogo, currently a Lyft driver, posted a disturbing video showing a passenger identified only as “Joe” erupting after Kangogo asked him to put his mask back on after taking it off during the ride.

In the viral clip, the man gets out of the car and unleashing verbal abuse toward the former comedian as his female companion looks on.

The man even threatened to urinate in Kangogo’s car after he insisted they put on a mask.

Lyft has since condemned the matter. 

“There is no place for discrimination of any sort in the Lyft community, and this behavior is unacceptable,” the statement reads. “We have permanently removed the rider from the Lyft community and have been in touch with the driver to offer our support,” the company stated.

An online fund was launched in support of the comedian, and it has now hit over Sh100,000.