Editor's Review

  • Waititu maintains he has not finished serving Kiambu residents.
  • He blames the current Kiambu governor for his woes. 

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu has hinted that he will vie for the position in 2022.

According to Waititu, he was unfairly removed from office before finishing his mandate as the county boss. 

Speaking during an interview on Kameme FM, Waititu indicated that the impeachment was politically motivated, hence seeking a fresh mandate. 

"I am hopeful that I will serve Kiambu residents once again because I believe that my removal from office was politically instigated," Waititu said.

The controversial politician noted that his biggest mistake was selecting Jame Nyoro as his running mate. After the impeachment, Nyoro became the governor as required by the constitution.

He added that his first choice for a running mate was former Kameme FM presenter KarungoThang'waa but decided to go with Nyoro because he needed the corporate image.

"The main reason I am out of office is because of the impeachment led by Kiambu Speaker Stephen Ndichu and Nyoro," he added.

Waititu shared his frustration with the fact that a case he had filed in court to counter the impeachment has never been heard.

"The Kiambu county assembly reported that 63 ward reps impeached me, which is not true because I was only impeached by 57 members," he maintained.

Waititu stated that the proposed BBI referendum should address the removal of elected leaders from office. He noted that the removal from office of any leader should be a matter to be decided by the public instead of MCAs.

"The ward representatives can be manipulated or bribed to vote in a certain way," Waititu argued.

In January, Waititu was impeached on the grounds of mishandling of county funds and conflict of interest. The Senate confirmed his impeachment.