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This is after the DCI seized a shotgun and a Ceska pistol found in Sankok's house for analysis and examination.

Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua has warned the DCI against playing politics in nominated MP David Sankok son's death probe.

Speaking on Saturday, May 6, when he condoled with Sankok's home in Narok South, the UDA allied MP said the MP is already traumatized, and subjecting him to unnecessary probes is unnecessary.

While lauding the DCI for its earlier work, the legislator said the investigative should at least wait for the MP to lay his son to rest before they can subject him and his family to more questioning, which he said is inhuman.

"We urge the DCI to be empathetic with the family, to know that they are undergoing very hard times. The family has already done what they were required, Narok DCI officers were here, a postmortem was done and investigations were concluded and the cause of death was established.

"As much as we accept that investigations should continue, we ask the DCI headquarters to give time to this family to bury their child. If they have issues here, they can come after that. Subjecting the family to record a lot of statements at this time is to a greater extent inhuman" stated Gachagua.

{MP Rigathi Gachagua when he condoled with David Sankok's family in Narok South. Photo: Courtesy}

The MP claimed that the state was using DCI operatives to intimidate Sankok, who has been speaking tough against the government.

He warned that using death to politically punish the bereaved family is so unprofessional of the investigative agencies.

Rigathi urged police to do their work professionally and independently and avoid being used by the outside forces.

"Sankok is already a disadvantaged man living with a disability, he has undergone a very difficult time when he lost his son, we urge the DCI to be understanding. We want to urge the agencies of government not to be drawn into the No issues of politicizing everything to punish those who are not supporting the state.

"It is so sad for anybody to take advantage of this unfortunate event. We want to tell our officers to be very professional and not allow other people to influence them in their work" added Rigathi.

This was after the investigators shifted to the ballistic analysis of the two guns belonging to the nominated MP. Police took a shotgun and Ceska pistol found in Sankok's house for analysis and examination.

The DCI said it wants to understand how Memusi used the shotgun to shoot himself in the chin.