Editor's Review

Kinyanjui termed the findings as 'pseudo research' which is manufactured at the comfort of one's sitting room. 

Hours after Mizani Africa released a new opinion poll placing UDA candidate Susan Kihika ahead of the gubernatorial race in Nakuru county, Governor Lee Kinyanjui has come out guns blazing.

This was after Mizani Africa in its regular opinion polls across all the 47 counties, placed Senator Kihika at a commanding lead in Nakuru with a 56.3% preference rate against the incumbent Lee Kinyanjui who came second with 38.2%.

Dr. Stanley Karanja was rated the third-most preferred candidate with 5.0%

However, the agency's results seem to have irked Governor Kinyajui who rubbished the opinion polls saying it is inaccurate and does not reflect the actual happenings on the ground.

Through a statement on his Facebook page, Kinyanjui termed the new polls as a number manipulation business opportunity that has thrived ahead of the August 9, general elections.

While attacking Mizani Africa, the governor termed the findings as 'pseudo research' which is manufactured at the comfort of one's sitting rooms and does not engage citizens as alleged.

"The electoral period is a major business opportunity for key sectors of the economy such as logistics, hospitality, branding and the faith sector. The latest entrant is the pseudo research category. If you are moderately educated and have a basic knowledge of number manipulation, here is your opportunity. All you require is a laptop and a big-sounding name like mizani something" stated Governor Kinyanjui.

And in an indirect attack on his competitor Kihika, the governor alleged that after cooking the findings, the opinion poll 'manufacturers' then call respective candidates and the one who agrees with their demands are placed on the top.

"The next step, call respective candidates in confidence and advise them of a confidential poll you did, but which requires some moderation to make it favorable. This is the most critical part.

"If the candidate agrees to some arrangement, she will be the leading candidate in the polls. If they decline, they will be trailing in the ‘just concluded opinion polls’." read Kinyanjui's claims.

In the senatorial race, UDA's Tabitha Karanja came on top with 60.4% against Wakili Karanja who came second with 23.5% and Mwalimu Gachohi was third with 6.2%