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The Jubilee party has fired at the Deputy President over the power-sharing deal in Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

Jubilee party has launched a scathing attack on Deputy President William Ruto over the reported power-sharing deal in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance coalition.

At a press briefing on Friday, Jubilee secretary general Jeremiah Kioni said that the DP was against the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report but went on implementing some of its components in the Kenya Kwanza deal.

Kioni said Ruto was keen on what was contained in the BBI document and he now wants to use it for his own benefit and that of his allies.

“It is amazing to see that the deputy President used his entire time as a deputy president during his second term opposing anything that was in the BBI and that’s what he has told the ordinary Kenyans.

Deputy President William Ruto. [Photo: Courtesy]

“But the truth is that he was keen on the components in the document and there are some that he wants to use for his own benefit and those looking for elective seats in his camp,” Kioni stated.

The Ndaragwa MP added that the DP does not want to look at the components of the BBI document to be of benefit to the common citizen.

“There is no other definition of a conman. We now have an official conman looking for an office in State House,” Kioni stated.

His remarks come after details of how Ruto will share power with his key partners in the Kenya Kwanza Alliance were revealed earlier in the week.

The position of a Prime Cabinet Secretary was reported to be created if Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza assumed power in the August polls.

The DP had been against the power-sharing deal in the BBI report, where a Prime Minister post had been recommended.