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Bien used Litiema's image, seemingly, to mock those unsubscribing from their YouTube page.

A Kenyan identified as Morrison Litiema now wants a member of the Kenyan band boy Sauti Sol to pay him and apologise for using his image without consent.

A sensational social media user Morrison Litiema took to his Instagram page to issue the demands to Bien-Aimé Baraza who he accused of misusing his image.

Litiema has demanded the singer issue an apology for causing him emotional damage in a statement.

This is after the singer used Litiema's image, seemingly, to mock those unsubscribing from their YouTube page.

Litiema however says he has never unfollowed their social page because of their copyright tiff with Azimio Coalition adding that the use of his image has caused him damage.

{Sauti Sol's Bien. IMAGE: COURTESY}

"To my dear brother @bienaimesol it was out of order to use my image without my consent. The picture in use has made me suffer emotionally since it reminds me of a place had never wished to go back to," Litiema said.

"Have received negative criticism from different persons claiming that I don't support local artists, let it be known that have never unsubscribed or unfollowed your YouTube or any social media account. Therefore I demand an apology for the incident that occurred."

Initially, Litiema had demanded payment for the wrong use of his image.

"Bien has used my Image to say that I am unsubscribing from their YouTube channel. Why use my Image I am not even aware of your conflict with Raila. Why use my photo without permission. I also demand something," he said. 

The development comes at a time when Sauti Sol is embroiled in a copyright infringement tussle with the Azimio coalition.

The band boy is accusing Azimio of using their song without consent and they are now intending to move to court.