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Gachoki is being held to allow for the completion of investigations.

The prime suspect in the murder of Samuel Muvota, who was shot in broad daylight in Mirema court, Kasarani, a week ago will be detained for two weeks.

The prosecution asked for permission to continue holding Daniel Karani Gachoki for the DCI to finalise their investigations.

{Daniel Gachoki Karani. IMAGE: COURTESY}

The court granted the DCI the two weeks period after which the suspect will be brought to court to plead to the charges.

He will be brought back to court on June 8.

 Gachoki presented himself to the police on Monday morning.

He claimed he was innocent and only met Muvota twice; once in Meru and in Nairobi.

"Hio ripoti ilinifikia nikiwa mahali kwa restaurant na ata ni rafiki tulikua na yeye akakuja akanionyesha kwa simu trending news. Nilishtuka sana juu hakuna venye niko connected na mambo kama hiyo," Karani said.

DCI said efforts by detectives to arrest him have been futile as he has been influencing rogue officers to tip him off once an operation for his arrest is launched.

"In one occasion, Gachoki’s accomplice was texted minutes before his arrest, throwing a spanner in the works of a meticulous operation that had taken months to put together," DCI boss George Kinoti said on Friday.

DCI had listed Gachoki as the prime suspect labelling him as a dangerous man.