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The UDA MP aspirant urged his supporters to back Governor Lee who is an Azimo coalition candidate.

A political storm is brewing among Nakuru UDA leaders after Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri and Senator Susan Kihika engaged in a war of words ahead of the August 9, elections.

The standoff among the two leaders began when the Bahati MP urged his supporters to back Jubilee governor candidate Lee Kinyanjui in the August elections despite him belonging to a different political camp.

Lee is rooting for Raila's presidency while Ngunjiri and Kihika are backing Deputy President William Ruto's bid.

{Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika and Deputy President William Ruto. IMAGE: COURTESY}

Speaking during an event in Bahati on Wednesday, June 1, Ngunjiri asked his supporters to elect Lee so that he can continue with his good development record.

"Wamewalazimisha muwapigie kura? Nyinyi mnajua kiongozi ambaye mtachagua ambaye atafanya maendeleo hii county. Jibu hapa Nakuru county ni Lee and Bahati ni Kimani Ngunjiri," he stated.

The remarks got the attention of Kihika who took to her social media handles to warn that she will now advise her supporters to back Ngunjiri's opponents.

She went on to say that time for Ngunjiri to go home is nigh in what appeared like a pledge to campaign against him ahead of the August elections.

"Ati Yule mjamaa wa Bahati Amesema nini Leo? Kama maneno iko hivo na mimi nasema watu wangu wa Bahati round hii tucheze kama sisi, kwani iko nini? Waende home na hiyo Jivu yake!" she stated in a statement posted hours later. 

The two leaders have been embroiled in a bitter war with both camps reportedly working to the disadvantage of the other.

Kihika is said to have backed Ngunjiri's main rival in UDA nominations, a move that exacerbated their already deteriorating ties. Efforts to reunite the two have failed to bear fruits.