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Sophia Gathoni and Paul Githinji were victims of two robbers who were targeting M-Pesa shops in the area.

Kilimani Police Officers are hunting down two robbers who shot dead two traders in a botched robbery in Adams Market, Nairobi on Saturday.

Sophia Gathoni and Paul Githingi were victims of two robbers who were targeting M-Pesa shops in the area.

Their attempts to rob the shops were interrupted by Gathoni who fought them off.

{Gathoni who was shot dead at her shop. IMAGE: VIDEO SNIP}

CCTV footage seen by Nairobi Leo shows a 53-year-old Gathioni preparing to close her shop at around 7 pm.

A man is heard inquiring about cigarettes at her shop.

She directs him to visit the next shop not knowing she was the target of the man who was planning to rob her.

As she entered her shop, the man accosted her and brandished a gun pointing at her.

Gathoni, however, fights him off pushing him out of the shop as she raises an alarm about the robbery incident.

The colleague of the suspected robber takes his chance of trying to force his way into Gathoni's shop but he is met with resistance.

Gathoni who appears to shield the door to prevent their entrance is then shot by the thugs who escape after the botched robbery.

She was rushed to Nairobi Women's Hospital Where she passed on while undergoing treatment.

The Suspected robbers also shot dead Githingi who was responding to Gathoni's distress call. 

The two thugs fired shots in the air as they disappeared from the scene.

The fatal incident now raises alarm about the ballooning number of criminal activities in the country.

It comes in the wake of a robbery incident in Rongai that has left Kenyans worried about the state of security.