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Atwoli addressed a press conference when he acknowledged that the DP is a good politician.

Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli now says Deputy President William Ruto stands a chance to be the President of the Republic of Kenya.

Atwoli who addressed a press conference on Thursday acknowledged that the DP is a good politician.

He said the UDA presidential candidate has bad advisers who are his greatest undoing.

"He is a good leader and a shrewd politician. What he is lacking is a good advisor and also chest-thumping. If he comes to me for advice I will advise him and I swear he will become a president."

He however appeared to suggest that Ruto only stands a chance after Raila, seemingly saying that the ODM chief will win the August elections.

{COtu Boss Francis Atwoli. IMAGE: ATWOLI/TWITTER}

Atwoli said Ruto will only stand a chance to be the next President of Kenya if only he stops calling him names and referring to him in a derogatory manner.

He divulged that he and his wife supported Ruto when he was battling ICC cases and he should therefore respect them or continue to suffer politically.

"But if he still calls me ule mzee was manyororo, he will still languish in those problems. When he had problems in Hague, I and my wife took a rosary to him," he said.

"If he is not careful, Raila will hand over this country to a woman president. The first lady to become president of Kenya will be Martha Karua. If Ruto will not be careful," he stated.