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It is believed that the suspect's intention was to dump the body into the pit latrine.

Residents of Murinduko village in Mwea, Kirinyaga County are in shock after they discovered the body of one of their own buried in a shallow grave.

John Mwangi 34 is alleged to have killed Stephen Murimi, 31 on an unknown date and later buried his body in a shallow grave next to his pit latrine.

It is believed that the suspect's intention was to dump the body into the pit latrine.

But because the deceased body could not fit through the small opening, he opted to dig a shallow tunnel that could lead the body towards the pit.

The body was discovered and retrieved on Thursday afternoon.

Locals later called the police to pick up the body and implement legal procedures.

{Resident shocked by the murder incident. IMAGE: COURTESY}

A neighbour who sought anonymity told a local daily that the two friends are suspected to have been in a relationship.

"Prior to living together, I had spotted the frequent visitations by the deceased to the suspect's house. I don't know what happened between the two but I suspect there was an altercation between them which led to the suspect murdering his friend," she said.

Mwangi's parents are said to have panicked about his whereabouts after he went missing for some days.

He could also not be reached by phone prompting a search to be launched at the homestead of the suspected killer.

"The homeowner was nowhere to be found when they went looking for him. However, they found a fresh grave next to the latrine and out of curiosity they scooped the soil only to find the body of their son having been buried there."

The suspect is said to be a local mason who had previously separated from his two wives.

Mwangi has shocked area residents since he is said to have been a staunch Christian.