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Wajackoyah reiterated that religious leaders should shun being possessive of their followers.

Roots Party Presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has fired back at a section of church leaders for urging their faithfuls not to consider him for the presidency.

The first-term presidential candidate lashed out at the section of clergy accusing them of aiding corrupt dealings in the country even as he dismissed them.

Wajackoyah reiterated that religious leaders should shun being possessive of their followers saying Kenyans do not belong to them.

He noted that it is wrong for them to impose blanket condemnation on their agenda without fully interrogating it.

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"The churches have been having scandals. Some bishops have been found in uncompromising positions. They have not even read our manifesto," he said.

Wajackoyah added:

"Tell those men of God that it is time for them also to realize that Kenya does not belong to them and that some of us have grown into Christianity," he said.

He said the church should be at the forefront of fighting the ills in society and securing jobs for the unemployed.

On Sunday, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops said Kenyans should not vote for politicians who are proposing policies that seek to liberalise drug abuse.

Wajackoyah has promised to legalise bhang should he win the presidency, citing medicinal and economic benefits.

Nyeri Archbishop Anthony Muheria who spoke on behalf of the clerics also asked voters to reject leaders who support abortion and those with the agenda of liberalising outlawed sexual behaviours including pornography.

He said leaders who support immoral agendas will not have a conscience and spells doom for society.