Editor's Review

I call on him to retract his words and apologize to the catholic church - David Waihiga. 

Agano presidential candidate David Mwaure Waihiga has hit out at Roots presidential candidate George Wajackoyah over his church comments.

In a press statement to newsrooms, Mwaure said Wajackoyah would not respect churches if elected President. 

The Agano presidential candidate said that the church had been a beacon of hope in Kenya and helped keep governments in check. 

"The remarks of Wajackoyah shows he will have no respect and regard for about 80% of Kenyans who attend or belong to churches and, by extension, he will have no respect for freedom of worship. I call on him to retract his words and apologize to the catholic church, other churches, and, religious institutions," part of the statement read. 

{IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati and Agano Party presidential candidate David Mwaure.}

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The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops urged Kenyans not to vote for politicians proposing to destroy the lives of youths through the liberalization of drug abuse.

In a rejoinder, Waajackoyah hit back at the church saying some of them live on proceeds of crime while some bishops have been caught in compromising situations yet they pass judgement on other people. 

“Some bishops have been found in bushes sleeping recklessly, and instead of facing judgement, they are here trying to incite Kenyans. They have not read our manifesto. They only went straight into smoking of marijuana. Tell those men of God that it is time they realize that Kenya doesn’t belong to them,” Prof Wajackoyah stated.