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The daughter of Raila Odinga has opened up about her brother's death.

Winnie Odinga, the daughter of Azimio presidential Raila Odinga, has recounted losing her elder brother, Fidel Odinga.

Speaking to the Iko Nini Podcast on Wednesday, Winnie intimated that she did not cry when she first heard about her brother’s death in 2015.

The former Prime Minister’s daughter said that the grief hit her when Fidel was being laid to rest at the family home in Bondo.

“When he died I did not cry. I just started crying like when we were burying him. When doing a funeral process, many people are around and you just don’t feel it,” Winnie stated.

Winnie went on to detail that she, however, went through a lot of depression after her brother was buried.

“It is after that body goes in and you are just there with your family that is when you feel it. That is when people get into depression. I went through the worst depression after he died.

She added that her sister-in-law then introduced her to a therapist so that she could overcome the depression.

“My sister-in-law took me and told me you have to meet this person, a therapist, and that’s when I started seeing a therapist and started believing in it,” Winnie stated.

She, however, said that she now has three therapists but she doesn’t tell them the whole story as each of them handles one specific side of her life.

“Now I have three (therapists) but I don’t tell them all the whole story. With one guy I will talk relationships the other one daddy issues and so not everybody knows the whole story,” Winnie stated.