Editor's Review

The DP's remarks did not go down well with a section of netizens.

Deputy President William Ruto has come under heavy criticism on social media after he made a statement regarding the high cost of living.

The DP on Wednesday evening, June 22, took to his social media platforms to decry the high rising cost of living pointing out that a packet of maize flour was retailing at a historic price.

“A packet of Unga is now retailing at a historic price of more than Sh200. It is sad. Millions of Kenyans are burdened by the high cost of living because of failure to put in place interventions such as farm inputs subsidy that could allow farmers produce enough to eat and surplus for sale,” the DP stated.

He said that the ones complaining about the crisis were responsible for it, adding that his Kenya Kwanza administration would address the problem.

“Those crying about the crisis are responsible for this crisis due to their misplaced priorities. Kenya Kwanza — through its Bottom-Up Economic Plan — will address this problem,” Ruto stated.

However, his remarks seemingly irked a section of netizens who quickly blasted the Deputy President for the rising cost of living.

According to a section of netizens, Ruto was Kenya’s second in command and the cost of living went high under his watch.

They said that it was a shame that he was complaining about the high cost of living while holding the second-highest office in the land.

Another section of netizens said that the DP was crying crocodile tears and making fun of Kenyans as he was enjoying the taxpayer’s money and being a ghost worker.

Kenyans also urged Ruto t reduce the cost of basic products since he was still in government. 

Below are some of the reactions captured by Nairobileo.co.ke.