Editor's Review

27 suspects were arrested in Nakuru County on Saturday night. 

27 suspects were arrested in Nakuru County on Saturday night, in connection with the spate of armed robberies that have been reported in the city in the last few days.

In an update by DCI on Sunday, Five of the suspects Moses Njoe, 21, Thomas Nguruna, 19, Evans Napati, 21, Sammy Sunguya, 23, and Emmanuel Tein, 20 were arrested by officers based at Rhonda police station, shortly after staging an attack in Jasho area, Nakuru West sub-county.

The five were cornered after Inspector Anunda, who was leading the operation fired a round in the air from his AK-47 assault rifle, warning the thugs to surrender or have themselves to blame.

Crude weapons including machetes, clubs, swords, metal rods and pieces of wood were recovered from the thugs, who have left Nakuru residents living in fear of being attacked. Also recovered were assorted SIM cards and identification documents belonging to victims of robbery incidents.

The rest of the suspects were arrested in a separate operation conducted in Mawanga area in the dead of the night, where 22 suspects all aged between 20 and 30 were arrested.

Detectives are warning the remaining thugs to surrender within 24 hours, before a specialized team of sleuths from DCI headquarters is deployed to annihilate the miscreants once and for all.

They are encouraged to learn from the fate that befell the Katombi gang, which operated with impunity in Mathare, Huruma and Pangani areas before finally being wiped out.