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Kabogo recently announced that he had pulled out of UDA campaigns. 

Kiambu gubernatorial aspirant William Kabogo has said that he is on his own ahead of the August polls.

Speaking during a debate on Citizen TV on Sunday, June 26, Kabogo said he had not seen the manifesto of the two leading presidential candidates. 

Despite pledging allegiance to Kenya Kwanza led by William Ruto, Kabogo seems to have had a change of heart and hinted that he might have exited the alliance. 

"I do not have a manifesto of any of the presidential candidates. I will be dealing with my manifesto which is to improve the lives of the people of Kiambu & make it easy to survive. Things change; now I am on my own," Kabogo stated. 

Kabogo recently wrote a letter with Moses Kuria announcing that he had pulled out of UDA caravans.

The two complained that they were being mistreated and sidelined in Kenya Kwanza.

Kabogo particularly took issue with Rigathi Gachagua whom he termed a dictator in the Kenay Kwanza Alliance. 

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{Kiambu gubernatorial aspirant William Kabogo}

Since then, Kabogo has skipped all Kenya Kwanza campaigns since the letter to DP William Ruto. On the other hand, Kuria recently rejoined the Kenya Kwanza brigade. 

Citizen TV held a debate for Kiambu gubernatorial aspirants and Kabogo was one of the attendees along Mwende Gatabaki, Kimani Wamatangi, and Wainaina Jungle. 

On his part, Kabogo urged the people of Kiambu to elect him promising to create employment through the creation of Biashara fund. 

"As the first governor, we set up systems, and things were done as per the systems. Between 2016/2017 we collected Sh2.7 Billion from 700 Million; we had sealed all loopholes of revenue leakage

"The bottom line of dealing with unemployment and insecurity is creating work for the people of Kiambu," he stated. 

Kimani Wamatangi said, "The reason we have the issue of unemployment is because the subsequent regimes have not prioritized the importance of initiating programmes for youths within the county government." 

At the same time, Mwende stated, "Kiambu needs a turnaround & it can't be done with the same leaders who have been there. It needs one with leadership skills, management excellence & experience in operational excellence."  

On his part, Wainaina Wa Jungle said," My manifesto has 5 pillars that I believe will address the issues of Kiambu. Some of them are infrastructure, agriculture, education, healthcare, economic empowerment."