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The two disagreed after Sifuna announced that Bahati will step down from the Mathare race in favour of the ODM candidate.

ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna and Jubilee's Mathare MP candidate Kelvin Kioko, alias Bahati, are seemingly in a bitter fallout.

The two took to their respective social media handles to engage in a brawl hours after Sifuna said the  Singer had stepped down in his Mathare Parkliamentary bid.

Their war of words took a turn for the worst after Sifuna maintained in a tweet that the Azimio Coalition had settled on Anthony Oluoch as its Mathare MP candidate.

He, however, mentioned Bahati's wife in his post sparking outrage.

{ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna. IMAGE: COURTESY}

“Asante sana Jubilee Party Nairobi for resolving the Mathare question for us. We now have a candidate. Hiyo Kijana ya kulia nitachukua apology yake kwa Diana personally,” Sifuna said.

The comments rubbed Bahati the wrong way as he fired back at him telling him to keep his wife off the political matters.

He termed Sifuna's comments as a show of respect not only to him and his wife but to the women.

“Mr Sifuna, keep your mouth from mentioning my wife in your cheap politics !!! Have some respect for women," Bahati responded.

The two leaders played out their difference in the open after Sifuna claimed the ODM had settled on Olouch for the Mathare MP seat saying Bahati had stepped down.

Bahati, however, declined the claims and said Sifuna was not authorised to speak about his candidature since he is a Jubilee member, not ODM.