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"There are criminal elements in every society and the Kalenjin is no exception," Governor Lee said.

Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua is yet again on spot over remarks he made about the Kalenjin Youth.

Gachagua who pitched tents in Nakuru is said to have made remarks that were perceived to be profiling the youths from the Kalenjin nation.

Speaking during a rally in Njoro on Friday, Gachagua appealed to the Kalenjin youths who engage in cattle rustling to stop the vice.

"Vijana wetu wa hapa wa jamii yetu ya Kalenjin ambao kazi yao ni kuiba ng'ombe na mifugo, tumeomba watu wawachane na mifugo ya wenyewe kila mtu achunge ng'ombe yake," Gachagua said.

{Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua. IMAGE: COURTESY}

"Vijana wetu hapa wa jamii ya Kalenjin, mambo ya ya wizi wa ngómbe ya jamii zingine tuwachane nayo. Tuheshimiane na kila mtu akule mali yake."

It is on that basis that Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui took on Gachagua saying he was profiling the Kalenjin Community.

"By implication, this is ethnic profiling and will have a huge negative impact on how the youth from the community will be perceived. All the youth in a community cannot be criminals!" he said.

"There are criminal elements in every society and the Kalenjin is no exception. The deliberate and reckless attempt to classify and tag a community adversely is retrogressive and unacceptable."

Governor Lee Went on to demand an apology from Gachagua saying his remarks are unfortunate and regrettable.

"Just like in any other society, we have preachers, athletes, farmers, teachers, musicians and any other imaginable career, not just cattle thieves," he said.

"To the well-meaning youth of Mauche and other areas, and unconditional withdrawal and apology are the least we can expect."