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A heartbreaking photo of Conjestina Achieng recently emerged on social media. 

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has appealed to well wishers to help Conjestina Achieng after her son Charltone Otieno reached out to him. 

Sonko disclosed that he had dispatched a vehicle to Siaya County to help Conjestina with movements. 

"Despite my busy court schedule and tribulations, I have decided to continue helping her including taking her to Mtumishi prophetess Mary Kagendo for prayers.

"I am just now dispatching a car with my team to Siaya to facilitate her movement and Im also humbly appealing to any well wisher whos willing to help tusaidiane sote kwa huyu shujaa in any little ways we can through the son Charltone - 0724280472," Sonko stated. 

{Conjestina Achieng}

The former Nairobi Governor said that he had in the past tried to help Conjestina but after rehabilitation, her situation worsens again. 

"I have singlehandedly helped her before, taken her to various hospitals and rehabilitation centres including Nairobi County rehabilitation centre in Parklands, Diani Beach among others where she gets full recovery and discharged then when she gets back to shags after a while gets worse again. Through her Son the family believes she needs prayers and are proposing taking her to Pastor Ezekiel," he stated. 

A photo of the former Kenyan boxing sensation in a dilapidated condition emerged on social media raising concerns about her health.