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The two claimed Ruto's Bottom-up economic approach does not have a clear roadmap on how resources will get to mwananchi. 

Raila Odinga's eldest brother Oburu Odinga and Siaya Senator James Orengo have taken on Deputy President William Ruto over his Bottom-up economic approach.

Speaking on Saturday, July 2, when the two accompanied Raila to Azimio la Umoja rally in Siaya county, Oburu wondered how DP Ruto is going to deliver on the promises that he has promised Boda Boda and women groups in the country.

Oburu accused Ruto, saying his economic approach does not have a clear roadmap on how the resources he had promised will get down to the grassroots.

"Don't preach empty, what are you going to use to get developments to the grassroots? Is it just a handout approach where you will take Ksh500 billion shillings and distribute them to Boda Boda and women? how is that going to help and develop them? Please don't cheat people," stated Oburu.

His sentiments were also echoed by Siaya Senator and gubernatorial aspirant on ODM ticket James Orengo.

{Azimio la Umoja rally in Siaya}

Speaking at the same rally, Orengo said there is nothing Ruto can do that he could not have done in the last ten years.

Orengo washed Ruto's economic approach down the drainage, saying he should have initiated Bottom-up when he was in government for the last ten years.

He also poked holes in Ruto's economic model, saying it does not have clear mechanisms on how resources will get down to the common citizens, unlike Raila who initiated devolution to achieve that.

"He was in government and if it is about Bottom-up, he could have started that in 2013. He is alone in this because he has come from the bottom through theft to the top, but for the citizens, his politics are up-down, not Bottom-up. He should tell us the mechanism and structures that he will use to take resources to the people," stated Orengo.