Editor's Review

The revelations emerged after Uhuru and the DP took on each other head-on on Saturday.

Kakamega Catholic Bishop Joseph Obanyi on Sunday revealed that they made attempts to reunite President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy President William Ruto in vain.

Uhuru and his deputy have lately been embroiled in an acrimonious fallout that has degenerated into a war of words.

Speaking to the press after the church service, Obanyi while calling for peace and unity ahead of polls said the two leaders should cease disparaging each other in public.

Obanyi said they attempted to bring them close to iron out their differences but that did not see the light of day to date.

"Baadhi yetu walijaribu kuongea na hao na hata kujaribu kuwaonyesha moyo wa kuwasaidia waweze kuwa pamoja lakini kidogo inaonekana kwamba imekua ngumu kwao," he said.

{Kakamega Diocese Catholic Bishop Joseph Obanyi. IMAGE: COURTESY}

"Ata kama wanaeza kuwa na tofatuti miongoni mwao. Si mzuri waonyeshane mbele ya wananchi ambao waliwachagua kwa kurushiana maneno na hawa ni viongozi ambao wanaongoza nchi."

The call for tolerance come after Uhuru and the DP took on each other head-on on Saturday.

The President was first to attack the DP saying he has made numerous promises to the people of Kenya yet he had the time to deliver on his mandate.

Ruto, however, did not hesitate to take on Uhuru head-on dismissing his attack even as he said he has not asked for his support.