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The Senior Counsel has broken his silence after reports of being sick with cancer.

Lawyer and politician Paul Muite has broken his silence after reports of him being sick with cancer made rounds on social media.

In a tweet on Friday, July 15, the Senior Counsel said the reports were not true, adding that he had to shed off some weight due to his old age.

The Safina Party chairman further said that he even had a morning jog at Ngong Forest on Friday saying he had never felt that better.

“Reports on social media that I am sick with cancer are not true. Given my age, I have had to shed off weight on purpose to keep sugar levels where they should be otherwise I have never felt better. Enjoyed 1 and 1/2 hours jogging in Ngong forest this morning,” Muite tweeted.

{Paul Muite (left). IMAGE: COURTESY}

The reports of Muite being sick started when a photo of himself heavily circulated on Twitter making him trend for the better part of Friday.

In the photo, the Senior Counsel appeared to have lost some weight.

City lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi also confirmed that Muite was in good health, saying that he had lunch with him on Thursday.

“I had lunch with Hon Paul Muite SC yesterday, had known him for 30 years and meet him regularly on a weekly basis and was dismayed and utterly disappointed with the malicious rumours on his health. Paul is in very good health,” Ahmednasir tweeted.