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"If I as the cabinet secretary I cannot cane a child, who do you think you are as an ordinary teacher."

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has warned teachers against caning school going children.

This follows a video footage of a class 8 pupil who was beaten by a teacher at Nyamninia primary school in Yala Township ward, Siaya couunty.

Magoha while reacting to the incident warned that teachers against punishing students in such a manner saying it is against the law.

"Let this be a warning to anybody, If I as the cabinet secretary I cannot cane a child, who do you think you are as an ordinary teacher to cane someones child like that for no reason," he said.

"For no reason at all, that you want the child to score more 400 marks, you yourself will you score 400 if you were given a tes at the same level."

The education CS Further said it is illegal to cane a child in any school in Kenya as the law bars corporal punishment.

{Class 8 boy from Nyamninia boys primary school showing marks of severe beatings. IMAGE: COURTESY}

He said caning is not a soluion to boosting the child's performance saying it could result in negative consequence.

"It is against the law to apply any stick on a child, my personal opnion not withstanding. It is savage to cane a child like you are caning an animal. Anybody who did some teaching and pedagogy at any level should know that if a child has performed well and you want the child to perform better, caning will not going to improve," he said.

The CS noted for the Siaya incident, the TSC will act accordingly even as he asked state officers to ensure law enforcement.

"Caning will just inspire some rebeliion in the child. For those teachers, irrespective of their numbers, I think the TSC will dela with them. But I think NGAO has alot  of work to do to ensure they face the full force of the law. Every child in Kenya matter."

Magoha's reaction comes after a video of a class 8 people crying after being severely punished elicited sharp reactions on social media.

Kenyans from all walks of life condemned the incident and asked the education CS to crack the whip.