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Rigathi has challenged Azimio la Umoja Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta for a national debate on matters of land grabbing. 

Kenya Kwanza Alliance Deputy Presidential Candidate Rigathi Gachagua has challenged Azimio la Umoja Presidential Candidate Raila, Odinga, and President Uhuru Kenyatta for a national debate on matters of land grabbing.

Speaking on Sunday, July 24, during Kenya Kwanza's Mega rally at the historic Kapkatet grounds in Kericho county, Rigathi laughed off the decision by Raila Odinga to keep off Tuesday's debate, claiming the Azimio candidate had sensed defeat on matters that were to be discussed at the podium.

While recounting how Odinga recently spoke on issues of land grabbing while on Azimio la Umoja rally in Mombasa county, Rigathi challenged Raila and Uhuru for a national debate to discuss the issue of land grabbing since 1963 when Kenya got independence.

"I have also seen Raila talking about land grabbing in Mombasa. We would like to invite you to a land grabbing conference to discuss this issue so that the people of Kenya can know who has grabbed land from them from 1963 to date...it will be a very interesting and informative conversation for the people of Kenya. We should have this debate as early as tomorrow, the day after, or next week," stated Gachagua.

Kenya Kwanza Alliance rally at Kapkatet grounds in Kericho county. Photo: Courtesy

He added that they would like to have the debate before President Uhuru Kenyatta officially retires to Gatundu after August 9.

At the same time, Gachagu told off Odinga's team, stating they have never objected to any discussion touching on corruption in Kenya.

According to the Mathira MP, a debate should also arrange for them to discuss corruption in the country.

Rigathi said he was cut short during the last debate since he wanted to give out 17 examples of how corruption has thrived in the country.

He said they are ready to debate the cause of corruption including State capture and conflicts of interests.

"Wewe mzee wa kitendawili na chairman Wa Azimio, we are inviting you to the national debate to discuss matters of corruption, conflict of interests, and state capture. We were in the last debate and they brought in the corruption topic. I welcomed the topic of corruption and told them that 90% of the corruption in Kenya is State Capture and conflict of interest. I wanted to give out 17 examples but the time allowed me to only mention two.

This was after Raila's team protested saying they will not attend a debate where matters of corruption and integrity issues will not be discussed broadly