Editor's Review

The UDA candidate was eyeing the Kamukunji parliamentary seat. 

UDA candidate for Kamukunji parliamentary seat Robow Hassan has conceded defeat to the incumbent Yusuf Hassan. 

Mr. Hassan congratulated his opponent of the Jubilee party via a statement on Facebook on Wednesday, August 10.

"In politics, there is no loss, just a delayed victory. We have staged a great fight. We created a formidable force. We brought issues in and around the politics of Kamukunji Constituency.

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my supporters. The people who sacrificed a lot to champion for our course. Those that believed in me and came out in their numbers to cast their votes in favour of our Party and my Agenda," he said. 

MP Yusuf Hassan. 

He added," To our worthy competitor and the incumbent MP who has been given the mandate to lead again, by the people of Kamukunji, Hon. Yussuf Hasaan and his team, congratulations! We remain brothers in leadership. We are Comrades of the struggle to make our constituency, Kamukunji, a better place. I am, together with my supporters, willing to work with you for the betterment of our constituency."