Editor's Review

IEBC has revealed that the current voter turnout based on functional KIEMS kits is at 14,164,561 representing 65.4 percent. 

The Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) chairman Wafula Chebukati has said that the current voter turnout based on the functional KIEMS kits is at 14,164,561.

Speaking during a press briefing on Wednesday at the Bomas of Kenya, Chebukati stated that the number represented a 65.4 percent voter turnout.

The IEBC chair clarified that the number did not include the voters that were identified using the manual register after the KIEMS Kits failed in some polling stations.

“The vote turnout is based on the verification of the KIEMS kits which were functional during the process of voting. Remember we have areas that the commission allowed the use of the manual register," Chebukati said.

Voters queueing to vote on Tuesday, August 9.

“We shall not be able to give you the exact voter turnout until the data is transmitted in the result forms and then we compute the final voter turnout. But from the kits that transmitted, the voter turnout is 65.4 percent,” he stated.

He further added that the figure will go higher once IEBC computes the verification of the turnout in areas where the manual register was used.

Chebukati in a statement on Tuesday stated that by 4pm on the election day, 12,065,803 voters had cast their votes representing 56.17 of voter turnout.

IEBC Commissioner Francis Wanderi on Tuesday said that IEBC was doing well regarding voter turnout maintaining that there was no low voter turnout as some areas had very high voter turnout.