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Roots party on Monday summoned Wamae saying she had made remarks that embarrassed the outfit.

Roots party presidential running mate Justina Wamae has told off her party following the summons issued to her on Monday, August 23. 

In a statement on Twitter, the budding politician termed the summons as "petty" adding that she would not heed them.

She also told off the party over the alleged car and accommodation that was issued to her by the party.

"I will not respond to pettiness. But on the non existent accommodation and car, you imagined you 'assisted' me with you can withdraw in your dreams. It is your party do what you deem fit, I will soldier on," she said.

Roots party on Monday summoned Wamae saying she had made remarks that embarrassed the outfit.

In a letter written by the party's legal director Washika Wachira and dated August 22, Wamae was accused of breaching party structures in making commentaries that affect the party's reputation.

"We have been instructed by the party leader Prof. George Wajackoyah as the party leader, your current utterance both in mainstream and social media for a disciplinary hearing," the letter read.
Justina Wamae. PHOTO | COURTESY

Wachira said sentiments shared by Wamae have continuously and maliciously been misrepresented as the party's position.

"The said media remarks made by yourself, which are well within your knowledge, are against the spirit and stand of our party."

Wamae was further faulted for associating herself with Roots' opponents contrary to the party laws.

“A referee does not expect to be liked, we are taking things far as a country. A tense populace and an overreacting political class is a recipe for disaster," Wamae old a local daily on Friday.

Wamae last week congratulated President-elect William Ruto for his win saying the election was transparent.

She said it had taken her 4 days to listen to arguments from all quotas on whether IEBC was transparent in conducting the elections.

Wamae went on to expose her party for being disorganized saying their agent mobilization exercise was poor.

" When I see parties like Roots Party, who as a member I can confidently say we were disorganized in regards to agent mobilization, stating that votes were stolen is simply preposterous," she added.