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The sample forms were from Bomet, Kiambu and Kakamega counties

Azimio Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga's lawyers have launched a charm offensive on Supreme Court judges in bid to nullify the results announced by IEBC chair Wafula Chebukati that declared William Ruto the President-elect.

In her submission at the Supreme Court of Kenya on Wednesday, Lawyer Julie Soweto disclosed that Raila's agents were given different Forms 34As from the ones uploaded on the IEBC portal.

She disclosed that the mistake happened in 41 polling stations they sampled in select counties in the country.

"In Celestine Anyango's affidavit, the complaint is that in 41 forms from polling stations that she looked at, the forms 34A received by the petitioner's agents vis-à-vis the forms 34A uploaded on the IEBC portal and those brought to the tallying centre are different. The sample forms were from Bomet, Kiambu and Kakamega counties," she said.

According to Soweto, these differences speak nothing short of a well-orchestrated plot to rig the August 9, elections in favor of President-elect William Ruto.

In her submission also, Soweto argued that there were discrepancies in votes cast for various elective seats.

The discrepancies, she said, paints a picture of a possibility of votes being added to favour a particular candidate that is President-elect William Ruto.

She noted that the IEBC has failed to account for the discrepancy.

 "In eight (8) counties, there was a discrepancy in the votes cast for the president, governor, senator, and woman representative. The total number of votes discrepancy was 33,208. At this point, I reiterate the slim margin between the result declared for the 1st respondent, 69,000 votes, to attain the 50%+1 threshold." 

"In response to this discrepancy of votes, Moses Ledama Sunkuli (IEBC witness) says those discrepancies are accounted for by prison votes because prisoners only vote for the presidential candidate. It is only 715 votes that can be accounted for by prisoners. There is no account for 32,493 votes."