Editor's Review

The Supreme Court has revealed the findings of allegations of infiltration of IEBC servers by Venezuelan Jose Camargo.

Chief Justice Martha Koome on Monday, September 5, revealed the finding on allegations that IEBC servers were breached by Venezuelan Jose Camargo.

Speaking while issuing judgement of the Supreme Court on the petitions challenging president-elect William Ruto’s win, Koome said that there was no evidence on the infiltration of IEBC servers.

Koome said that the apex court found out that Jose Camargo did not interfere with the results in the IEBC portal.

The CJ stated that there was no credible evidence to prove that anyone accessed IEBC’s result transmission system (RTS).

Chief Justice Martha Koome and Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu.

“On whether Venezuelan Jose Carmago accessed the RTS and interfered with the results, it turned out to be no more than hot air and we were taken on a wild goose chase that yielded nothing of value,” Koome stated.

On whether the integrity of the public portal was compromised, the CJ said that it was disapproved by evidence of consistence attributes such as unique time stamps and uniform PDF conversions at the polling stations, correct polling station mapping and consistent Kiems reporting from verification to transmission of results.

Koome said that the IEBC server was configured to accept results on from authorized an properly marked Kiems kits.