Editor's Review

The prices of fuel have reached a historic high since independence.

Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has announced new prices of fuel that will see the commodity retail at a record high in the history of Kenya.

In the changes, a litre of unleaded (Petrol) fuel will retail at Sh179.30 in Nairobi City representing an increase by Sh20.18.

The new prices are inclusive of 8 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT).

A subsidy of Sh20.82 a litre and Sh26.25 a litre was retained for diesel and kerosene respectively.

On the other hand, diesel will now retail at Sh165 in Nairobi up from Sh140 it was being sold. This represents an increase by Sh25.

The price of Kerosene has shot up by Sh20 meaning it will retail a Sh147.94 in Nairobi.

The hike in fuel prices follows removal of fuel subsidy on petroleum products by President William Ruto's government.

The new president had announced the removal of the subsidy saying it is not a remedy to the challenges facing the Kenyan Economy.

President William Ruto pledged to remove subsidies on fuel. PHOTO | COURTESY

Despite retaining a subsidy for Kerosene and diesel, he removed all subsidies related to the petroleum product.

The changes in fuel prices take effect immediately.