Editor's Review

  • The two clashed over the state of health in Makueni. 
  • The spat was sparked by the death of Dr. Stephen Mogusu

Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana has blasted area senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior over the state of healthcare in the county. 

This is after Mutula stated that the Universal Health Coverage program interns were working through challenging conditions.

He noted that the interns were suffering, but the Council of Governors has remained silent over their affairs. 

"The interns in Makueni are complaining of the same thing. When I issued a complaint, CS health confirmed their pay was on Surprisingly, rising that the Council of Governors has not said anything on this modern slavery of health workers," said Mutula through a tweet. 

However, in a quick rejoinder, Kibwana blasted Mutula for fighting for health workers' affairs through a tweet instead of facing the relevant bodies. 

"Mutula Kilonzo Jnr, you are the Senator of Makueni representing us at the National level. Are you asking the National government through a tweet to pay health interns it employed? Can'tCan't you cross the road and ask CS Kagwe? We have been asking. Don't politic with serious matters" stated Kibwana. 

In his defense, Mutula stated that he has already written to Health CS Mutahi Kagwe overpayment of salaries to UHC interns.

The conversation was sparked after it emerged that the late Dr. Stephen Mogusu, who succumbed to Covid-19, had not received payment for five months.