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"Don't try too hard with diplomacy. Keep it simple. Muzungus Don't care about teleprompters."

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has asked President William Ruto not to make it complicated with his bid to build diplomatic ties with foreign nations. 

In a tweet after President William Ruto delivered what has been feted as one of his best speeches yet on a global platform, Ngunyi appeared to suggest that the use of teleprompters by the president in delivering his maiden speech was unnecessary.

A teleprompter is a device used to project a speaker's script onto a transparent panel in front of a television camera lens in such a way that the text remains hidden from the camera.

It is commonly used by news anchors in delivering news.

While delivering his speech, the president used a teleprompter to give out his message to fellow presidents and the world at large that was following the session.

"Dear President Ruto, don't try too hard with diplomacy. Keep it simple. Muzungus don't care about teleprompters. You have 10 years to LEARN the ropes. And please, after 8 days in office, please give us a government. Foreign policy begins where domestic policy ends," Ngunyi tweeted.

Ruto is among the many foreign presidents who graced the 77th United Nations General Assembly meeting being held in New York, United States of America.

The address by Ruto was his first as the sitting President of Kenya considering it came a week after he was sworn into office.

President William Ruto shakes hands with UN Secretary General Antonio Gutteres. PHOTO | COURTESY

Ruto used the platform to address issues that not only affect Kenya as a country but the globe at large.

He called for international bodies to take actions that bring on board the rest of the countries on the decision making table to enable consensus.

He also championed the need for international bodies to support African countries that are in need of financial aid.

"The World Bank, the IMF, and other lenders must extend pandemic-related debt relief to the worst-hit countries, especially those affected by the devastating combination of conflict, climate change, and Covid-19," he said.

He added:

"The G20 must also suspend or reschedule debt repayments by middle-income countries during the pandemic recovery period."