Editor's Review

  • President Uhuru continued to drum up support for the BBI process.
  • On his last day in office, Maraga pointed out that the BBI will undermine the independence of the judiciary. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta has hit out at outgoing Chief Justice David Maraga over the independence of the Judiciary. 

On Friday, during Maraga's last day in office, he called on Kenyans to reject the creation of the ombudsman's office as highlighted in the BBI proposals. 

According to Maraga, the office will undermine the independence of the Judiciary. 

Speaking during the Jamuhuri Day celebrations at the Nyayo National Stadium, Uhuru spoke strongly about the Judiciary while criticizing those opposed to constitutional amendments.

Reacting to claims by the Judiciary arm of the government of alleged interference by the executive, President Uhuru stated that an independent Office of the Judiciary Ombudsman would take oversight judicial action on behalf of the people.

He defended the creation of the Judiciary Ombudsman as proposed in the BBI bill declaring that the Judiciary must be subjected to the people's will.

"Justice under the law is about the Judiciary as the third Arm of Government. To ensure that the will of Justice spins fairly for all and to reduce the distance between the disadvantaged and the law, the Judiciary must be subjected to the will of the people. It must have an oversight body that is a direct expression of the spirit of the nation," he noted.

He said the contested amendment proposes a representation model that seeks to ensure that everyone is accommodated justly.