Editor's Review

"Uhuru and the elite are not your enemies. The People will become your Enemy."

Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has warned President William Ruto against taking populist actions that are punctuated with showbiz while running his government.

The analyst in a tweet asked the President to take time and study why his predecessor, Uhuru Kenyatta, had taken certain actions and programs rather than being quick to dismiss them.

Ngunyi warned that if the President will not be keen on protecting the poor, he will occasion a crisis that will make low-income earners suffer.

President William Ruto while addressing a function in Kibera on Tuesday, October 25. PHOTO | DPPS

The analyst faulted the president for scrapping Kazi Mtaani and the subsidies program saying the move could be disastrous in the end.

"Dear Ruto: Take time to study why Uhuru introduced subsidies on Unga and fuel. And why he used Kaazi Mtaani to protect the poor. Populism and showbiz will hurt you. Uhuru and the elite are not your enemies. The People will become your Enemy. Advice from a friend," he said.

President William Ruto on Tuesday while on a tour of Kibera said the Kazi Mtaani programme is outdated.

He said the programme is now dead and that his government will focus on projects that will give the youth meaningful jobs rather than collecting garbage.

On Subsidies, the President had ruled out the possibility of re-introducing them again.

He said the subsidy programme is not a solution to the economic crisis facing the nation.

Ruto said channelling resources towards subsidising production is the best alternative to reducing the cost of living.