Editor's Review

  • Investigating authorities found a big black hole in City Hall
  • The black hole is believed to be in the middle of Ksh1.3 billion stolen

Reports have emerged detailing how a probe by a State agency revealed a big black hole in City Hall.

The black hole is believed to have engulfed Ksh1.3 billion in two years to the benefit of a few entities wavering around one person.

According to the Standard, the probe by the Financial Reporting Centre (FRC) pointed to one man, a super deal-maker.

The person reportedly owns with other associates the 10 entities which received a total of Ksh1,254,242,852 from the county government for supplies not associated with their profiles.

Tender graft

At least eight Nairobi County government staff and white elephant business entities are featured in irregular supplies for garbage collection service, Covid-19 supplies and media services.

“Of the Sh1.28 billion received from the Nairobi County government, Sh1.25 billion directly benefited him either through payments to his own entity accounts or transfers making him the beneficial owner," The Standard quoted a brief.

"The funds were thereafter utilised through cash withdrawals, transfers to entities related to him and other third parties,” it continued.

The agency suspects procurement laws were violated in the awarding of tenders, and also suspects embezzlement and abuse of office on the part of the decision-makers.