ODM leader Raila Amollo Odinga [RAO], one of Kenya’s most influential politicians, capitalizes on dance as a mobilization tool. 

The ODM leader has used this unconventional yet effective way to cement his position in the hearts of his followers. 

RAO has a signature dance where he rhythmically and uniquely moves his legs and hands then rubs his eyes. This dance has been named the ‘Baba Dance’ in line with his political tag – Baba. 

The dance has become a crowd-puller at his events and also the subject of various comedy skits where he is depicted.

He ensures that a jig or two never lacks on the menu during his events, political or not. A musical interlude where he performs the dance has become the curtain-raiser for his public speeches. 

He also participated in the Jerusalema Challenge. 

Here is a compilation of his signature dance moves: