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The headquarters of the center is located at the NSSF Building in Nairobi. 

Trade Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Miano on Monday, April 15, launched the Karibu Business Support Centre (KBSC) which will provide advisory services on Investments, manufacturing, and trade in addition to collecting and disseminating business information. 

In a statement after the Launch, CS Miano said KBSC is aimed at harmonizing government regulations, policies, and services within the business landscape.

“I am delighted to announce the launch of the Karibu Business Support Centre (KBSC) today. KBSC is an innovative initiative aimed at harmonizing government regulations, policies, and services within the business landscape, ensuring a seamless experience for entrepreneurs and investors,” Miano stated.

The Trade CS noted that the launch of the center signifies a significant milestone in Kenya's journey towards economic prosperity.

File image of Trade CS Rebecca Miano unveiling the Karibu Business Support Centre. 

“My ministry is currently focused on three primary objectives: promoting and facilitating investments, enhancing the contribution of domestic and export trade to the GDP, and increasing the contribution of manufacturing to the GDP. Karibu Centre plays a pivotal role in streamlining facilitation to align with these objectives,” she added.

KBSC will offer registration and licensing, financial, market access, and networking services to businessmen and investors.

Other services to be offered by the center include; product development, product standardization, Linkages to business development opportunities, and liaison services.

KBSC headquarters will be located at the NSSF Building in Nairobi, Block A 16th Floor. Kenyans can also access services through KBSC’s online portal and twelve other regional centers that will be put up.