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"I have heard a lot of messages today but yours tops them all," Waihiga told his wife Joyce Omondi.

Waihiga Mwaura's last news bulletin on Citizen Tv was an emotional one. 

While his colleagues led by Joyce Omondi gathered a last-gathering farewell party, the surprise of the day for him was the entry of his wife Joyce Omondi.  

Omondi was ushered into the studio by news anchor Trevor Ombija and to the amazement of Mwaura and many Kenyans watching the show live, she did not disappoint. 

She heaped praise on her husband even as laid bare her love for him further wishing him well in her new adventure.

"I am so proud of you and glad I can finally surprise Waihiga on air. I admire you as a leader, as a person and as a human being," she said.

"You are incredibly talented, and so hard working I see the hours you put in, and I just honour you for it. I thank God for opening this door for you, and I know your light will shine brighter and brighter." 

The farewell gathering momentarily turned into a display of love for the two couples with Waihiga unable to hide his emotions after the wife had uttered the moving words.

Here is the Video Courtesy of Citizen TV:

"That is the most beautiful thing I have heard today, I have heard a lot of messages today but yours tops them all," Waihiga told his wife Omondi. 

The brief exchange of love and goodwill messages between Waihiga and his wife preceded a cake-cutting session with Omondi and staff leading in a song.

Tuesday was the last show for Waihiga who announced that he will be leaving for BBC.

He spent a total of 14 years at Citizen Tv where he achieved a lot including winning awards.