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Shatta was hosting the Waks Tiki taka show which airs from 10 am to 1 pm alongside Q-Tee and DJ Rambo

Popular radio presenter Steve Jacob Maunda alias Shatta Bway has announced his exit from radio Citizen’s Waks Tikitaka show after five years.

Speaking on Monday, March 18 during his last show, Shatta expressed his gratitude to Waks Tikitaka fans for their support in the five years.

“It has been five amazing years in Waks Tikitaka thank you very much for becoming our family. You have stood by us in every corner we took. We came here green and you have made us number one for those five years and we don't take it for granted,” he said.

Shatta also tanked his co-presenters Q-Tee and DJ Rambo and his fellow workmates; Fred Afune, Vincent Kimani, Vincent Ateya, and Jeridah Andayi.

File image of Shatta Bway

In a video on his YouTube channel after exiting Radio Citizen, Shatta explained that his decision to leave was to concentrate on raising his two children.

“At this point where I am in life, I make decisions like two parents. I have to think as a father and as a mother. I need more time with my kids, for example my son is now 13 years and this is the point a parent is likely to lose their children unknowingly,” Shatta explained.

“I feel I need time with my kids and I can’t be working on something that ties me down daily limiting what I need to do with my kids. I am trying just to be the best dad.”

Shatta lost his wife in June 2023 after she fell ill and was admitted to the hospital for some time.