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The allegations about King Kaka and Nana breaking up emerged on Monday. 

Celebrated musician King Kaka has dismissed social media reports of breaking up with his wife Nana Owiti.

Speaking on Tuesday, May 14, King Kaka said the reports of his wife moving to the US together with their kids were fake.

He noted that Nana and his kids are in the country saying that they even reported to school on Monday, May 13.

“I don’t clout chase, I never clout chase especially when it comes family, and neither does Nana, that is not my style. I was not even going to address this but the fact that it now touches my family, I have to.  

“I know people get excited when it comes to content creation and they want to say things. Now the country has picked up your fake story that there is a death certificate and my kids are in America. Nana is in the country and the kids are in school. I wonder where these stories are coming from,” said Kaka.

File image of King Kaka and Nana Owiti.

The renowned musician asked content creators to be mindful and respectful to others when creating content.

Kaka disclosed that he received multiple calls when the fake news emerged on social media and was shared widely.

"Let’s be mindful and let’s know there are many people involved when we create fake stories. Now they are all over and many people have posted it. I am receiving many calls,” King Kaka added.

“In the spirit of content creation let us be mindful let’s be respectful, let us create content but let us not destroy good things. It's not bad creating content, it is a big business but let us not disrespect others.”

The allegations about King Kaka and Nana emerged on Monday. However, some netizens claimed that King Kaka could be clout-chasing to propel his upcoming series.