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He described how handling the station's reputation on his name has made him change the things he used to love.

Inooro TV Anchor Ken Wakuraya revealed that his shot at the limelight brought huge responsibilities he was not prepared for beforehand.

Speaking to Kenya Diaspora Media, he stated that his name has become easily associated with the Royal Media Service station in public spaces.

He described how handling the station's reputation on his name has made him change the things he used to love.

Inooro TV presenter Ken Wakuraya and former co-host Muthoni Mukiri pose for a photo at the studios. [PHOTO/FACEBOOK]

"It is a good feeling, and it is a feeling that makes one have fear. The name has not come that way. One of the ways is that the Restaurant one used to attend you can no longer do. You are not called Ken Wakuraya; you carry a brand's reputation( Inooro tv).

"It comes with changing your lifestyle and your friends. Lets take an example, if you used to take a matatu and they used to charge Ksh20 and they increase the amount you have to pay because of the celebrity status.So it came with huge responsibility and I can't imagine now that I cannot personally buy fries with chicken that I love most in Nairobi," Wakuraya stated.

He spoke on his six-year stint journey since being recruited to join Citizen T.V. sister station after undergoing five months of rigorous auditions and finalizing with an interview with then CEO Faridah Karoney.

According to the Anchor, he was staying at Githurai 44 at the time. He had been informed of the opportunity by his friend about a Gikuyu station being opened by a businessman from Murang'a.

"After a very good interview, we got selected with Muthoni wa Mukiri and with agreed salary. We were then told to start reporting to work the following Monday before even the station was launched."

He remarked that the launch was something he could never forget but would not like to do it again. He became the first voice of the station, but his greatest fear was letting Samuel Kamau Macharia's(S.K.)investment down the drain.

According to Wakuraya, RMS performs advanced planning of its products before launching by ensuring that its presenters are well catered for, like face scrubbing. '

Speaking on his humble character when it comes to interacting with fans, he points to the Group Managing Director Wachira Waruru's advice for not letting the celebrity status get in his mind.