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"Wewe unaona nimevaa nini, hii ni kanzu?" Omosh posed when asked whether he had started working as a security guard.

Ex-Tahidi High actor Joseph Kinuthia Kamau, popularly known as Omosh, is allegedly working as a security guard.

Video of the Kenyan actor dressed in a security guard uniform and standing at business premises at a yet-to-be-disclosed location has surfaced on social media.

In the video, the person who recorded it is heard having a conversation with Omosh who first appears irked by the man's attention directed at him.

"Wee kijana, unaduu nini hapa... hii time yote hakuna kitu unafanya? Ama unanirecord? (Young man what are you doing here... all this time there is nothing you are doing? Are you recording me?)," Omosh posed.

The man responds in his defence saying he had given the shopkeeper Ksh1000 bob and he is waiting for his balance.

He went further and asked Omosh whether he had started working as a security guard and the actor answered in affirmative.

"Wewe unaona nimevaa nini, hii ni kanzu? (What do you see I am wearing, a coat?)" He responded and asked the unidentified man to buy whatever he is buying and go away.

{Actor Omosh. Image: Courtesy}

The video has however attracted mixed reactions with some urging him to continue working in order to foot his family needs.

"Piga Kazi eeh, Mkulima sichagui jembe. Mzigo wangu wacha nibebe," Bien of Sauti Sol reacted to the developments.

On the other hand, some felt the video was scripted and that actor could have been acting.

"Hizi script mbaya hivi wasanii mnaandikiwa an nani? Comedian Butita Eddie querried.