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The musician has detailed why he supported Raila Odinga for presidency.

Renowned musician Ben Githae has opened up about his political choices in the August 9 general elections.

In an interview with a local daily on Thursday, November 10, Githae said that his choice to support Azimio leader Raila Odinga for the presidency began with his friendship with former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The artist stated that, through the retired president, he got to meet with the former Prime Minister and got to share a table with him.

He added that Raila was so passionate about the plight of Kenyan artists that he helped in the negotiation for a better deal for the artists through the Skiza platform.

Githae said that through that, his relationship with the Azimio leader flourished before he decided to endorse him for the presidency.

Raila Odinga.

"That's how I became acquainted with Raila Odinga. He was instrumental in the plight of Kenyan artists and the remuneration they'd get from Skiza Tunes. From there, our relationship blossomed and I ended up endorsing him for President in Mombasa earlier this year," Githae told Citizen Digital. 

The artist was an ardent supporter of the former Prime Minister in the August elections as he used his music to drum up support for him in the Mt. Kenya region.

He even composed a song specifically for Raila which he dubbed 'Mlima Wote Baba Tosha.'

And now that President William Ruto won the election, Githae has released a new song 'Kwahitana Niguthonga' which loosely translates to 'if all goes wrong, you move on.'

Githae made headlines in the 2017 general elections when he composed the famous 'Tano Tena' song before the Jubilee administration was re-elected into office.