Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria has explained how President Uhuru Kenyatta intimidated Mt.Kenya leaders into supporting the BBI.

Speaking on Tuesday morning, Kuria said that the choice by President Uhuru Kenyatta to hold the meeting at the Sagana State Lodge was a form of intimidation. 

The outspoken lawmaker said that leaders visiting the state lodge were in fear because of guns. 

Kuria blasted Uhuru for appearing to own the Kikuyu community, noting that he should have chosen a neutral place where participants could not be intimidated. 

"Sagana is a seat of power and Sagana is a property of the state. The state cannot own a community. If Uhuru wants to speak to GEMA, he should come back to Limuru, where his ambitions were endorsed. The Sagana meeting was a gathering to intimidate people with state power, not a community gathering. Sagana has guns. The leaders agreed to support the BBI because they were intimidated by guns," said Kuria. 

Kuria, a former ally of President Uhuru, noted that the head of state misuses government machinery to intimidate leaders into passing the BBI. 

Uhuru had organized the Sagana meeting to quell the brewing revolt from the region and cut on DP Wiliam Ruto's influence. 

Following the meeting, Laikipia County became the first assembly to pass the BBI Bill from the region. To date, twelve counties have endorsed the bill, with Baringo rejecting the document. 

On Tuesday, at least 12 more counties are expected to pass the bill. Only 24 counties are needed to pass the bill for a referendum to be held.