Deputy President William Ruto has said he is ready to join the UDA party should Jubilee lock him out of the 2022 presidential race.

Speaking during an interview on Thursday, Ruto noted that a section of Jubilee party leaders have made it their business to frustrate him and his allies, adding that if the same continues, he’ll have no option but to walk out.

“If it gets to a point where they do not want us to be there in Jubilee, then we must have a different plan. You cannot wait to hit a wall. Going forward, if there is no agreement, then we will plan ourselves with UDA. We have built UDA in partnership with Jubilee. It is not us starting afresh. We are just going on with what we already have,” the DP opined.

Explaining why UDA is the preferred option for him, the DP noted that the party is an affiliate of Jubilee, therefore it will be easier to build it and achieve some of the goals and promises Jubilee failed to fulfill.

“UDA and Jubilee are one. We have a coalition agreement with them and we have been working together. If they break Jubilee, trying to make it a tribal party, we will build UDA as the national party we had hoped Jubilee will be,” he said.

The DP hit out at the Jubilee party claiming that it has been reduced to an institution of punishing members and only meets to deliberate on how to oust leaders, instead of focusing on the country’s development agenda.

“Jubilee now only meets to discipline and chase people. They are always plotting to kick so and so from such and such position for being allied to such and such a person… We created a government and a party like Jubilee because we know we cannot find a national solution without a national party. The experience we had from Jubilee, we will use the same to make UDA a national party,” he divulged.