Celebrated Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has offered to campaign for Deputy President William Ruto if he helps unlock the country from the current lockdown.

In an Instagram post, Khaligraph appealed to the DP to intervene and talk to the president, noting that artists and Kenyans at large are suffering due to the lockdown.

Khaligraph opined that many Kenyans are being chased out of the houses since they are unable to pay rent, mainly because their place of work were shut down due to the Covid-19 regulations announced by the government.

“Hustler , najua we utasoma hii, Ma Husler Wanaumia Kwa ground, Watu wanalala Njaa, Nyumba zinafungwa, If you help us in This Situation, I will campaign for you for free in the coming Elections, Kindly help Unlock our Country,” he posted.

His point of view was echoed by Masauti who said “I second You My brother”.

Reacting to the post, renowned musician Otile Brown disagreed with the two artists noting that leaders should not be begged to do their work.

“But why campaign for free ... he’s vying next year .. kama awezi kusimama na wana nchi sahii ... it’s on us to decide if we think he deserves that seat or not .. let’s open our eyes this time round or do another 10yrs of msoto.. these are the leaders to put pressure on .. tuwache kuwabembeleza,” he posted.

In a separate post, Khaligraph also urged ODM leader Raila Odinga to intervene on the issue.

He also promised to campaign for the former Prime Minister if he helps unlock the country.

“Baba Yawa, Kitambo Ulikua unatutetea Sana, sai Kenya Tunaangamizwa umenyamaza. Fanya Ile kitu uone Vile utaingia Statehouse haraka, wacha Kunyamaza,” he said.